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PostedSaturday, September 21, 2013 at 12:35 AM

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  • Asmaliza Noor

    Posted 5 years and 2 months ago

    ASM has issued a corresponding statement reflecting the interests of Malaysia. ASM welcomes the report of the High Level Panel. ASM recognizes the work of many of the world's scientists who have been contributing to help address the Millennium Development Goals, and the articulation of a coherent vision for the way forward, so that all sectors of international society - governments, businesses, academia and NGO's - can work together. Download the full version (pdf format)
  • Tracy Elliot - The Royal Society, UK

    Posted 5 years and 4 months ago

    The main message in this statement is encapsulated in “(the academies can make) an expert, objective contribution to define, measure, monitor and evaluate progress in sustainable development". I think we could expand on this crucial statement to give a more comprehensive account of the role of academies on this agenda. IAP academies can, individually and collectively:
    • bring scientific rigour and independence to the evidence base
    • help decision makers to understand and interpret complexity
    • develop metrics and indicators – embedding monitoring and evaluation into new goals
    • bring a multi-disciplinary approach– helping to develop broader determinants and perspectives
    • bring longer term perspectives – horizon scanning and foresight role – anticipating future problems
    • encourage the use of big data e.g. modelling, and creating an open architecture around it
    • collaboration - bringing together national, regional and global perspectives - mobilising the best scientific minds in the world
    • protect technical and ethical research integrity