Creation of Regional Networks of Scientific Communication Centres in African Countries

Topics: Science communication

Project Type: Workshops

Project Status: COMPLETED

Latest Update: January 2013

Primary Contact:  Academie Nationale de Medecine, France

The objective of this project is to assist member academies in creating regional networks of scientific communication centres in North, West and Central African countries where the first language is not English. The centers will provide local African universities a standardized cursus for integrating scientific communication into research training and also provide assistance to scientists in writing papers, preparing talks for conferences, prearing slides, posters, and writing grant applications for funding. A systematically associated activity would be the training of trainers in scientific writing and communication. The centres would have the possibility of earning income by running the workshops and by providing a rewriting service for scientists elsewhere in the network. The first meetings in 2013 are scheduled to take place in Gabon, Central Africa, Morocco, Nothern Africa, and Senegal, West Africa.

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