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Agenda Summary

U.S. National Academies - African Academies of Science Visitors Program
April 1 to April 11, 2003

Representatives from seven African academies of science (Kenya, Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, and the African Academy of Sciences) visited the US National Academies from April 1 to April 11 2003. This visit was part of an on-going program on capacity building for academies of science in Africa, led by the Third World Academy of Sciences. The visit provided an opportunity for mutual exchange of ideas among academy staff and engaged perspectives external to the Academies on the role of science advice in policymaking. Agenda activities highlighted the multiple functions of the US National Academies, such as its advisory functions, convening functions, membership elections, efforts in public understanding of science, and science education.

Participants from African Academies of Science
David Mbah, Executive Secretary, Cameroon Academy of Sciences
Kwesi Yankah, Honorary Secretary, Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
Noel Abuodha, Administrator, Kenya Academy of Sciences
Gideon B.A. Okelo, Secretary General, African Academy of Sciences
Paul E.T. Mugambi, Chairperson, Uganda National Academy of Sciences
Ousmane Fall, Director, Academy of Science and Technology of Senegal
Timothy A. I. Akeju, Honorary Secretary, Nigerian Academy of Sciences

Participants met and held meetings with representatives from the following US organizations:

National Academy of Sciences
National Academy of Engineering
Institute of Medicine
National Research Council
United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
National Institutes of Health
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
National Science Foundation
US Department of Agriculture
US Environmental Protection Agency
US Department of State
US Agency for International Development
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Diplomatic Corps
International Food Policy Research Institute
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Engineering Societies
Brookings Institution
American Psychological Association
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation