Tentative Programme for New Delhi, 24-25 October 2002

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Tentative Programme for New Delhi, 24-25 October 2002

Seminar on "The Generation of Experimental Materials and Learning Modules for Science Education"
Organized by the Indian National Science Academy, Mexican Academy of Sciences, French Academy of Sciences, IAP and IAC.

Indian National Science Academy, 2, Bahadur Shah Zafer Marg, New Delhi

To share the experience of regional and international institutions concerned with improving the standards of science education through the use and development of low cost experimental materials and inquiry-based learning process and to develop most suitable model for the society that is multilingual/multicultural such as the Asian region;
To share the experiences of the member organizations regarding various endeavours in promoting science education such as new initiatives, exploratory type of activities, inquiry based learning in diverse conditions.

Topics to be covered:
Experience sharing session by representatives of various countries of Asian region covering broadly the following:
Discussion on various existing Interactive Educational Projects
Science Teachers Experiences "Organization for a significant learning"
Science & Technology for children - existing initiatives
Educational kits & materials
Initiatives on enquiry based learning process
Science Education Promotion programmes - approach, methodology & materials
New Initiatives in Science Education
Open Forum
Developing a shared vision for learning and teaching science
Poster Presentation by teachers/organizations/individuals