Analysis, models and simulations

Presentation by Pierre-Louis LIONS
Académie des Sciences, France

The goal of this lecture is to illustrate how mathematics interact with other sciences in the context of numerical simulations and modelling in order to solve. We first present several examples of such interactions for industrial and engineering sciences applications. We next discuss modelling issues and conclude by a brief illustration of the role of some branches of marthematics.

Speaker’s profile
P.-L. Lions, born on August 11th,1956 in Grasse(France) Professor at Collège de France and at Ecole Polytechnique Member of the Acad. Sciences(Paris), Acad. Technologies(Paris), Acad. Lincei(Roma), Istituto Lombardo(Milano), Acad. Europea Honorary degrees at Heriot-Watt University(Edinburgh), City University(Hong-Kong) Chairman of the Scientific Councils of ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE, FRANCE TELECOM, CEA-DAM, Ecole Normale Supérieure Scientific Director of the chair « Finance and Sustainable Development » Advisor at INRIA Member of the Board of Directors of ALCATEL, SARK and CHANNEL BRIDGE Scientific Consultant with ASTRIUM ST, BNP PARIBAS, REECH AIM Author of more than 350 research articles and 5 research books in Mathematics and their Applications Awarded many scientific prizes including the Fields Medal(Zurich,1994)