The IAP bulletin is produced 2-3 times a year and includes news and updates of the activities, as well as forthcoming events, of IAP, its regional networks, member academies and other relevant organizations such as the Global Young Academy.  IAP members receive an electronic copy for distribution among the Fellows and other collaborators of their academy.

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  • Dear Young Physician Leaders, Welcome to the inaugural YPL alumni newsletter! Next year will mark the 10-year anniversary of the YPL programme, and to celebrate this milestone we are developing an alumni association that will give you the chance to stay in touch, support each other, and find ...
  • Volume 19, Issue 3
    Dear Colleagues, The InterAcademy Partnership is delighted to share its latest news bulletin with you. In the last months we had the pleasure to attend the World Health Summit and the World Science Forum, publish new studies and start new projects, and welcome new members of IAP governance: ...
  • Volume 19, Issue 2
    The InterAcademy Partnership is pleased to present our latest opportunities, thought-provoking ideas and evidence-based recommendations - continue reading for the latest news and publications, and engage with science, medical and engineering academies from around the world. And if you have not ...
  • Volume 19, Issue 1
    Welcome! The InterAcademy Partnership has seen a busy past few months. IAP altered its logo to better encapsulate its mission, replacing "science-research-health" with "science-health-policy." Preparations are underway for the 2019 Triennial Meeting , hosted by ...
  • Volume 18, Issue 1
    Welcome! The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) is pleased to share the inaugural e-newsletter with news, events, and opportunities relevant to IAP programmes and projects and its mission of providing independent expert advice on scientific, technological & health issues. As this is ...
  • The InterAcademy News Bulletin October 2017
    Volume 4, Issue 48
    There is a growing awareness that ‘health’ is much more than just ‘medicine’. This is one of the many reasons why our network of academies of medicine and academies of science with active medical sections has recently joined with the academies of sciences around the world to create one single ‘InterAcademy Partnership’ (IAP) and our old name was changed from the ‘InterAcademy Medical Panel’ to ‘IAP for Health’.
  • The InterAcademy News Bulletin December 2016
    Volume 3, Issue 46
    The InterAcademy Partnership held its second Joint Meeting in Beijing, China, on 26-27 September 2016. The meeting, which brings together members of the Executive Committees of IAP for Science and IAP for Health and the Board of IAP for Research, was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Twenty-two academies of science, engineering and medicine attended as well as the four regional networks, the Global Young Academy and ICSU. The Board of the InterAcademy Partnership also met.
  • The InterAcademy News Bulletin August 2016
    Issue 45
    As this InterAcademy Partnership bulletin goes out, those involved in IAP for Health are busy making preparations for the forthcoming conference and general assembly that will be held in Beijing, China, on 27-28 and 29 September, respectively.
  • The InterAcademy News Bulletin April 2016
    Volume 3, Issue 44
    The InterAcademy Quarterly News Bulletin Dear InterAcademy Partnership members, Many of you will have recently returned from the IAP Conference and General Assembly held in Hermanus, South Africa. For those academies that were unable to send a representative to the  IAP ...
  • The InterAcademy News Bulletin January 2015
    Volume 3, Issue 42
    Dear IAP Member Academies, We wish to thank the Académie des sciences (France) for their generous hospitality in hosting IAP’s Executive Committee (EC) meeting in Paris in November 2014.The first meeting of the new Board of the InterAcademy Partnership (including the Steering ...
  • The InterAcademy News Bulletin October 2014
    Volume 3, Issue 41
    Dear IAP Member Academies,   It has been a typically busy few months for IAP and its members. In May we released our Statement ‘Realising Global Potential in Synthetic Biology: Scientific Opportunities and Good Governance’. A short review of the media visibility achieved by ...
  • The InterAcademy News Bulletin April 2014
    Volume 1, Issue 39
      Dear IAP Member Academies, The leaders of ICSU , TWAS , and IAP met on 18 February 2014 in Trieste, Italy, at the headquarters of TWAS to explore the strengthening of collaboration between their respective bodies. The meeting enabled the sharing of strategic plans,priorities and ...