IAP Young Scientists Programme 2017

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November 15, 2017
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The IAP Strategic Plan for 2016-2018 recognizes the need for IAP to work with its member academies to support young scientists. In the past, as well as working with the the World Economic Forum (WEF), we have engaged with the World Science Forum (WSF). This event, which takes place every two years, focuses on issues of high relevance to the global community of scientists, policy makers and the innovative corporate sector.

In 2015, as the WSF was held in Budapest, we partnered with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. See: http://www.interacademies.net/ProjectsAndActivities/Projects/26769.aspx

In 2017, the World Science Forum will convene in Jordan, hosted by Jordan's IAP member, the Royal Scientific Society. It will run from 7-10 November 2017 and focus on the theme of 'Science for Peace'. Once again, IAP is collaborating with other organizations (GYA, WAYS, ICoRSA and UNESCO) to host a young scientists side event - a training event on responsible research and 'avoiding the weaponisation of research' - to be held on 6 November. In addition, there is a dedicated plenary session being run by the young scientists, and young scientists have been invited as guest speakers on many of the plenary sessions. For more information and how to nominate, please see here.