Science Education and Science Literacy


One of IAP's principle strategic goals is to "Build a scientifically literate global society."
The Science Education Programme (SEP), established in 2003, is the main mechanism used by IAP to help achieve this goal. IAP SEP activities are guided by a Global Council made up of experts nominated by IAP member academies and currently chaired by Wafa Skalli (Morocco). Since the start of the programme, major efforts have been focused on promoting inquiry-based science education (IBSE), especially in primary schools. In 2013, the IAP Executive Council also charged the SEP Global Council with developing activities in the area of science literacy.

Below is a list of relevant meetings, projects, press releases, programs, articles, statements, reports, forums etc. related to science education and science literacy. This listing does not contain all IAP website content; items are selected for inclusion based on – how recently they have been posted and - their popularity among site visitors.

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