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First Meeting of the Working Group on Combatting Predatory Academic Journals and Conferences


The Working Group met virtually three times in June 2020 to discuss the project's objectives and priorities, identify key resources and stakeholders, and agree the project plan going forward.  The Group's ongoing work will be divided into four main areas: (1) defining predatory practices, (2) gauging their extent and impact, (3) interventions to help combat them, and (4) an exploration of their root causes. 
These meetings were closed but future meetings will engage key stakeholders in a broad range of relevant sectors as "expert witnesses" to offer their insight and perspective to the Working Group.  Later on in the project, there will also be an open call or survey routed through the senior and young academies and their networks to gauge perceptions of predatory practices, the extent and impact of these practices, and how they might be combatted effectively. 

Virtual Meeting 1 - Session 3


Tracey Elliott, Project Director