Policy for Science

Second Tranche of Working Group meetings, 24-30 September 2020


The Working Group (WG) met virtually three times in September 2020, following an intense period of sub-group working to further scope the project and interrogate published literature.  At these meetings, the WG heard progress reports from sub-groups, discussed ongoing areas of complexity and/or contention, finalised evidence-gathering methodology, and agreed next steps.

Stakeholder dialogue sessions (closed) are in progress with representatives from key sectors who can inform the project and help effect positive change.  These include the research community, research funding agencies, publishers, libraries and indexing services, universities, and leaders in international science governance.  

A survey of the global research community (COMING SOON) is a vital part of the project's intelligence, to gauge the awareness, extent and impact of predatory practices amongst the global research community.  To be launched shortly, the survey will help the WG understand the prevalence of these practices according to geography, discipline and career stage, and recommend appropriate interventions to combat them.  The survey will be routed through IAP, GYA, TWAS, OWSD, ISC and other important global networks.

Working Group Members



Tracey Elliot, Project Director