Survey and Awareness of Dual Use Education in Pakistan

Program Status
November 15, 2017
  • Conduct Surveys, publish results and disseminate awareness; develop guidelines for stakeholders.

Pakistan is a rising star in the field of Science and Technology, and is publishing five times more research articles (3800+ articles in 2011) than it did in 2001 (511; Source: ISI Web of Knowledge: Jan. 2012). Major chunk of this research belong to Life Scientists and especially those who are working in modern disciplines in various institutes of the country.

Recognizing the importance of Life Sciences the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan established the Core Group in Life Sciences on 17th January 2002 with six different disciplines; Botany; Genetics; Microbiology; Biochemistry /Molecular Biology; Zoology and Bioinformatics.

Our group worked on a “Dual Use Education Project”. The gap analyses was done as to have baseline data. The data revealed that in Pakistan we have 133 higher seats of learning (Universities and Degree Awarding institutes) in which 59 entities offered courses in life Sciences having 230 departments. But only 22 of these departments offered some sort of courses in “Bioethics”.

We surveyed in the first phase young researchers (M. Phil & Ph.D.) students and published the data in a booklet which was presented in Geneva review conference. During this survey and gap analyses we found that we need to further work on Teachers, i.e., both surveying their understanding regarding dual use and having interactive workshop raising awareness regarding this important issue.