The work of the world’s academies of science, medicine and engineering has resulted in lives saved, better education, and more effective policy approaches to a range of issues. The newly formed InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) is a new organization of academies bringing together established global networks of academies of science, medicine and engineering into a new collaboration in which academies will work together to support the special role of science and its efforts to seek solutions to address the world’s most challenging problems.

As an umbrella organization, IAP is able to harness the expertise of the world’s scientific, medical and engineering leaders to advance sound policies, promote excellence in science education, improve public health, and achieve other critical development goals.

IAP’s some 130 national members and regional networks have compiled an extensive track record of delivering evidence-based advice and performing other services for the global community. This new organization will enable IAP to enlarge the scale and scope of these contributions.

Academies of science, medicine and engineering can be found in most of the world’s countries. They are typically independent, self-perpetuating national institutions that recognize excellence and achievement. Academies are merit-based, with members selected from among the leading scientific, medical and engineering minds within a country.

Through its global network of some 130 members, the InterAcademy Partnership is able to harness the power and authority of these academies and access their combined scientific talent.



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