IAP in collaboration with Save the Children is developing a book of case studies that illustrate systems solutions for climate change and health policies, to build governments’ awareness of multi-sectoral, systems-based studies and policies. The project builds on the IAP ‘Climate Change and Health’ project, as well as the Save the Children’s new strategic initiative ‘Climate and Health: Accelerating action on climate with health benefits’.

Selected case studies focus on the linkages between climate and health in four thematic areas:

  • food systems and agriculture;
  • energy, including production, distribution, access, and efficiency;
  • urbanization, including urban planning; and
  • health systems strengthening.

The authors of the selected case studies took part in a workshop at the IAP headquarters in Trieste from 5 to 7 September 2023, where an expert committee reviewed the submissions. The case studies are now being edited and peer-reviewed for publication by the end of 2023. Some were presented at the COP28 in Dubai, where IAP hosted the side-event “Policy lessons from cross-sectoral global case studies tackling climate change effects on health", on 2 December 2023.

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