The mission of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) is to convene and empower the world’s academies of science, engineering and medicine to work collaboratively to address issues of global, regional, and national importance.


World’s academies to play a vital role in ensuring that science serves society inclusively and equitably and underpins global sustainable development.


Convene and empower the world’s academies of science, engineering and medicine to work collaboratively to address issues of global, regional and national importance including in a timely manner during crises.

Code of conduct

IAP's Code of Conduct serves as a comprehensive framework delineating principles of diversity, inclusion, integrity, civility and respect within the organisation's activities. This code rigorously prohibits all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying in any IAP-related engagement, whether it be in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. It not only sets clear expectations for behaviour but also delineates the consequences for violations. Overall, the code of conduct serves as a robust framework for ensuring a safe, respectful and inclusive environment within the InterAcademy Partnership, fostering collaboration and dialogue among participants while upholding the organization's core values. Read and download it here.

Current Strategic Plan

The current landscape of international science is complex, and continues to evolve, with an increasing number of new, established and reconfigured organizations and networks providing science advice for policy. In alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 17, IAP developed a strategic plan that sets out IAP’s niche in this complexity, with a renewed emphasis on partnership and collaboration with other like-minded partners. The full IAP Strategic Plan for 2024 - 2026 is available here.

IAP is uniquely placed to:

1. Build the capacity

of and empower academies, including young academies and global or regional networks of academies, to provide reliable, independent, authoritative advice on global, regional and national issues.

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2. Promote education, research, science literacy, public discourse and engagement

in science, engineering and medicine to support global sustainability.

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3. Partner with international scientific and other organizations

in addressing important global issues and to respond in a timely manner during crises.

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4. Expand visibility, accessibility, outreach

and impact of reports, statements and other activities of the IAP, its regional networks, and its member academies.

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The previous Strategic Plan (2019-2022, extended through 2023) is available here.