The 12th International Conference on Urban Health

The  new   ICSU interdisciplinary  programme,  co-sponsored  by  lAMP  and  UNU,  on  Health  and Wellbeing in  the Changing Urban  Environment:  a Systems Analysis Approach  has  taken  up  that challenge   and   launched   a  decade-long   effort  whose   vision   is  "  generate    policy-relevant knowledge that  will improve  health  status, reduce  health  inequalities  and enhance  the wellbeing of populations living in urban environments-which are undergoing continual change". 
The 12th International Conference on Urban Health was held on May 24-27,2015 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and it attracted over 700 participants from over 60 countries.

 The conference theme was “Urban Health for a Sustainable Future: The Post 2015 Development Agenda” and it brought together interdisciplinary academic experts, program leaders, and policy makers from multiple sectors through 7 Plenaries and 31 breakout sessions, including a special track on reproductive health and family  planning hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The “Dhaka Statement on Urban Health in Sustainable Development” was finalized at the conference, ratified by participants and intended for sharing as an evidence-based advocacy tool to prioritize a focus on urban health and on the concerns of urban populations in the SDG negotiations and other stainable development initiatives at the United Nations. 

Visit the conference website where you can find photographs and select presentations: