2017 International Forum on Science Education




China Hall of Science and Technology





ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), Children’s Science Instructors (CACSI), Children and Youth Science Center of CAST (CYSCC), Chinese Society for the History of Science and Technology (CSHST) and Inter Academy Partnership – Science Education Programme (IAP-SEP) are jointly organising the 2017 International Forum on Science Education in Beijing, China on 2-5 July 2017. This forum will focus on the theme of 'The history of science education along the Belt and Road'.

The forum aims at engaging curriculum design experts and historians of Science & Technology to contribute towards the development of Curriculum based on the concept of “Fusion of Civilizations”. The core objective of development of this curriculum is to foster peace right at the beginning of young children by employing Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) approach among the countries that share a common heritage of the ancient Silk Road. This can be achieved by reflecting on the history of science and technology of ancient civilizations from the Islamic Golden Age in the Middle East westwards to Europe and eastwards through Central Asia to India and China.  About 30 participants including speakers, researchers and educators are expected to attend the forum. The following list shows the speakers and their presenations held:

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