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Sustainable Development Goals

International Conference “Science for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development: a Call for Action”


The Conference will be coordinated by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and is organized by the IAP Science for Poverty Eradication Committee. Established in 2013, this committee has as its core mission the development of strategies to engage Science Academies in the global effort to eradicate poverty and transform economies through sustainable development.

The meeting will focus on topics of critical global issues that more severely impact the poor. In spite of the progress already achieved through the Millennium Development Goals, millions of people still suffer from limited access to basic needs that are essential to ensure minimum adequate living conditions. These issues, if tackled adequately, can enhance significantly the quality of life in less developed countries and/or protect marginalized populations worldwide.

Through this conference and other similar initiatives the Committee intends to mobilize Science Academies to contribute to the design of the Post 2015 Development Agenda, and subsequent implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

A short summary of the outcomes of the Conference is available below. A more detailed report will be posted in due course.




Brazilian Academy of Sciences