Biotechnology & Biosecurity

OPCW - workshop: Policy and Diplomacy for Scientists: Introduction to Responsible Research Practices in Chemical and Biological Sciences




Academy of Sciences of South Africa



The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness among young scientists on the policy and diplomacy aspects that are related to the use of chemicals in various scientific disciplines, including chemistry, biology, biotechnology, and other related fields. In particular, scientists will be updated on the Chemical Weapons Convention and other international treaties and regulatory tools governing the transfer and the use of chemicals. Aspects related to sustainability, ethics, and responsibility in science will also be addressed. The ultimate goal of the event will be to bridge the gap between scientists and policymakers and to promote the adoption of responsible and sustainable practices by scientists in African Member States of the OPCW. This event is being implemented as part of the capacity-building programmes on the peaceful applications of chemistry under Article XI of the Convention, and within the scope of the OCPW Programme to Strengthen Cooperation with Africa on the Convention and the OPCW initiative on education and outreach.

Young scientists from African Member States are encouraged to apply directly to the National Authorities or the Permanent Representations of their countries to the OPCW by 20th August, 2016 (bypassing the endorsement of the national academies of science). For further details and who is eligible to apply, please click HERE.


OPCW Technical Secretariat