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Water and Health in the Americas. Water-washed pathogens and diseases.


Sponsor Institution: Universidad Indoamérica (UIA) https://uti.edu.ec/~utiweb/, Ecuador

Representative: Dr. Ángel Alarcón (Universidad Indoamérica, Ecuador)

Moderator: Dr Martin Forde (IANAS, St George's University, Grenada)

Water-washed pathogens and diseases: Infections caused by pathogens that are transmitted through contact due to poor sanitation and hygiene resulting from inadequate water availability.

In contrast to waterborne diseases, the role of water for the water-washed diseases is in prevention of disease transmission rather than as a vehicle for transmitting pathogens. Control of water-washed diseases is through providing accessible water and education to improve personal and domestic hygiene. Trachoma, conjunctivitis, scabies


To address the importance of hygiene and adequate access to water for preventing and containing water washed-diseases.

  1. Water-washed viral diseases: Martin Forde (IANAS St George's University, Grenada) 20min
  2. Water-washed bacterial diseases: Sharad Malavade (Alabama Infectious Diseases Center, USA) 20min
  3. Water-washed parasitic diseases: Dr Pedro Legua Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia de Perú (UPCH) 20min
  4. Q&A 30min

Link to join: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84833456547?pwd=Q3ZlaG93WkRYdWg3ZHNlQmtCZWlFQT09

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Water and Health in the Americas 17 March


Maite Pérez García, IANAS Secretary