Call open: Training and mentoring for junior refugee scientists

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is calling for expressions of interest from young refugee scientists based in Europe.

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (DG JRC) and its staff want to contribute to the integration refugees in Europe by inviting junior refugee scientists to take part in a scientific/research-focused training programme, pairing with a JRC-staff mentor, and a skills & career development workshop.

This initiative is comprised of two parts. First, a three-day training visit at one of the DG JRC sites in Belgium (Geel), Italy (Ispra), the Netherlands (Petten) or Seville (Spain), to introduce junior refugee scientists to the JRC's scientific work and the European research context. It also aims to offer support for continuing scientific activities in the field of expertise through practical work experience (e.g. lab work) and knowledge-sharing. The second part involves a two-day workshop, run in collaboration with the Global Young Academy (GYA), to offer skills training, practical information on further opportunities for a scientific career in Europe, and networking. The JRC will cover the costs for the on-site training visit and participation at the workshop, including travel, accommodation and meals. A certificate will be awarded at the end of the visit and workshop programme.

During the on-site training, each participant will pair with a JRC mentor to help identify ways for future scientific support, based on mutually agreed individual needs. Opportunities for an ongoing mentoring programme will also be explored jointly.

The initiative is open to junior refugee scientists in these scientific areas at the JRC's sites:

- Analytical biochemistry
- GMO analysis
- Food Safety
- Food Fraud control (e.g. honey, wine)

Disaster Risk Management, including:
- Disaster risk reduction
- Climate change adaptation
Technology Innovation in Security, including:
- Wireless Communications and Radio Spectrum
- Galileo
- Critical Infrastructure Resilience
Energy Security, Distribution and Markets, including:
- Electronic Engineering/Smart Grids
Sustainable Resources, including:
- climate change adaptation in agriculture
- Soil/land management
- Food security and nutrition;
- Biodiversity friendly farming;

- Biodiversity conservation and protected areas, "sensitization", country situation assessment & discovery of existing tools and networks;
- Remote sensing applied to agriculture in developing countries (focus on Africa);
- Earth Observation, including Africa hot spot monitoring;
- AgroEnvironment and Ecosystem Services.

Petten/The Netherlands:
- Energy storage
- Security of gas supply, distributions & markets

- Fiscal Policy Analysis
- Territorial Development
- Human Capital & Employment
- Circular Economy & Industrial Leadership
- Digital Economy

This initiative is aimed at junior refugee scientists and researchers based in Europe with the following:

- At least a master’s degree in an area related to the above scientific/research fields;
- Less than five years research experience;
- A residence permit for Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands or Spain (asylum/refugee status);
- A working level of English.

The 3-day training is planned at one of the DG JRC sites in February/March/April 2019.

The workshop is expected to take place in Italy, in March/April 2019.

To apply, please send your CV and an explanatory letter or email to the mailbox:

Deadline for applications: 6 December 2018.


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