CONDENsE-COnference on Nonproliferation and Dual-use awarENEss

Biotechnology & Biosecurity
CONDENsE 2019 invites you to submit a proposal and join this event that brings together scientists and policy experts to explore use and misuse of emerging technologies in an invitation event.

What is CONDENsE?
A great opportunity to network, share experience, and find solutions to issues and will help to identify new challenges in the field and build networks with other researchers. CONDENsE is building a unique collaborative environment where participants participate! To have a conversation together and think widely and deeply about societal issues facing cutting science.

What is it about?
The rapid development of science and technology is steadily changing our view of the world. Advances in science and technology carry vast benefits but can also be misused by states and non-states for hostile ends.

The conference is about the use and abuse of scientific and technological developments. This includes the societal, ethical, legal and political questions posed by science and technology.

The event is supported by the STCU and ISTC with financial aid of the European Union under the EU-funded Targeted Initiative on CBRN Export Control on Dual Use Material and Technologies, in association with the In Flanders Fields Museum.

Date: 29-30 August 2019
Place: Ypres, Belgium

What are we looking for?

We are looking for

  • active scientists (biology, chemistry, physics, engineering), at least post doctoral level,
  • who are willing to engage in a debate on science and technology – its use and misuse.
  • The event is for participants from Central Asia and the Caucasus region.

To be considered for participation you need to submit a proposal for a presentation (abstract). The abstract submission is only 200 words. The abstract outlines your presentation. The presentation is only and strictly limited to 6 minutes. It needs to be short, sharp and snappy – limit the abstract (and presentation) to a few points, preferably one.

This is a discussion starter. Submissions must be in English. Guidance for the presentations will be provided to the selected participants.

Submission guidelines
Send us a description of your suggested talk (the abstract). The description is the central criterium for acceptance to participate. Quality, relevance and interest are important criteria. No more than 200 words.

Please write something that is related to your research, to your expertise. It does not matter if the talk has been held at another conference, as long as it is up to date, interesting & relevant. Relevant are technological and scientific developments, present or future and their impact on society.

The event is non-commercial presentations which aim to market or promote commercial products or entities will be rejected without consideration.

Submission deadline for the abstract is 25th April 2019

Following the conference we will ask you to write up the presentation as a short paper or article for publication in the conference proceedings. Submit your abstract to: