Curriculum Design Working Group meets in China

IAP SEP Working Group on Fusion of OBOR Civilizations Curriculum Design (FoCEd) meets during the World Conference on Science Literacy 2018 in Beijing, China. This Working Group Meeting was a follow-up of the meeting held in Bangkok on 24th August 2018 and it was organized in collaboration with the China Association of Science Instructors for Youth and Children (CACSI) and the Children and Youth Science Center (CYSC) of China Association for Science and Technology. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of IAP SEP Academician Dato LEE, Yee Cheong and attended by the members of FoCEd from China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Pakistan joined the meeting. President ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro participated in the meeting as the Member of Global Council of IAP SEP.

The idea of development of such a curriculum for school kids is to inculcate peace and harmony through evidence based science education for children in the light of the current conflict and increase in violence in societies and terrorism.

The group meeting in Beijing deliberated on following points:

  1. To finalise the resources and materials prepared   
  2. To identify strategies for piloting the materials
  3. To prepare guidelines for the pilot
  4. To merge different modules and prepare into one final document for submission and approval by IAP SEP secretariat.

It is important to mention that working group has developed different curriculum modules with concentration on water resources, land silk road, maritime silk road and architecture. This curriculum aims to demonstrate that no one civilization is superior to another and each has benefited from interactions through trade and travel from others and science is universal.

It is pertinent to mention here that ECOSF is contributing to the development of this curriculum in collaboration with IAP SEP. ECOSF in collaboration with IAP SEP organized one of the working group meetings in Islamabad, Pakistan on April 9-10, 2018, where the working group members presented this curriculum based on the framework while highlighting the different aspects of scientific discoveries along the OBOR countries.

Credits: ECOSF

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