IAP YPL Alumna awarded the Dean Jacques Parisot Medicine Prize

Young Physician Leader Hélène Rossinot gets recognition for "Aidants, ces invisibles"

Young Physician Leader Hélène Rossinot’s recently-published book Aidants, ces invisibles (‘Caregivers: the invisibles’) sheds light on caregivers and addresses caregivers’ role in our society. Her work recently got recognition by the Académie de Stanislas, that awarded her a prize on 19 January 2020.

“I am very happy to learn that I received the Dean Jacques Parisot - medicine prize of Stanislas Academy, for my book Aidants, ces invisibles,” says Hélène Rossinot.

Dean Jacques Parisot served as president of the Health Committee for the Health Organization of the League of Nations (1937-1940), and prior to thaty he was professor of Hygene at the Univeristy of Nancy, France.

You can read the motivation of the prize (in French) here.

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