IAP’s Doing Global Science: a simple guide to responsible research conduct

Download pdf copies for free in English or Arabic, or purchase hard copies of the English version from Princeton University Press.

This concise introductory guide explains the values that should inform the responsible conduct of scientific research in today’s global setting. Featuring accessible discussions and ample real-world scenarios, Doing Global Science: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in the Global Research Enterprise covers proper conduct, fraud and bias, researchers’ responsibilities to society, communication with the public, and much more.

The book places special emphasis on the international and highly networked environment in which modern research is done, presenting science as an enterprise that is being transformed by globalization, interdisciplinary research projects, team science, and information technologies.

Accessibly written by an InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) committee comprised of leading scientists from around the world, Doing Global Science is required reading for students, practitioners, and anyone concerned about the responsible conduct of science today. Soft copies in English or in Arabic can be downloaded for free here, and a Chinese translation is forthcoming in 2020. Hard copies can be purchased from Princeton University Press.

First published in 2016, the book has been used in many contexts, from university classrooms to international workshops, and has received many positive reviews. Here are a few of those collected by Princeton University Press:

"The book highlights international efforts to set legal and ethical rules for the protection of human subjects. . . . [W]ill help younger generations keep their enthusiasm and values intact as they progress in their careers."

—Elisabeth Pain, Science

"Clear, sober [and] well-referenced."

—Karen Shook, Times Higher Education

"Doing Global Science is a comprehensive code of conduct for scientific research, and a guide to responsible interactions by researchers with funding agencies, journals, policymakers, the public, and each other. In an interconnected world that is increasingly knowledge based and data driven, the plethora of resources and references in this book is invaluable to scientists and science communicators at all levels."

—Maria Spiropulu, California Institute of Technology

"Welcome and timely. Even for an old-style theoretician like myself with a romantic view of science as a totally free adventure, these guidelines are a ringing bell about numerous very real issues that we cannot ignore."

—Carlo Rovelli, Aix-Marseille University

"This unique book offers an international perspective on the difficulties and challenges of doing research."

—Merav Opher, Boston University

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this concise and accessible book. Doing Global Science covers a broad range of topics and is full of relevant and extremely useful information."

—Ralph R. Ristenbatt III, Pennsylvania State University.

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