International Science Council Awards Programme launched today

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Celebrate excellence for the advancement of science as a global public good: submit nominations by 1 February 2021

The International Science Council Awards Programme was established in 2020 by the ISC Governing Board to recognize individuals, groups, and initiatives launched by the International Science Council (ISC) and its members that serve to advance science as a global public good, by, for example promoting international, interdisciplinary scientific research cooperation, striving to bring scientific knowledge into the public domain, innovating in science education and outreach, or promoting the free and responsible practice of science.

The ISC Awards are conferred every three years during the ISC General Assembly in the following categories:

  1. Science for Sustainability Award for outstanding scientific contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals using an interdisciplinary approach (one award).
  2. Science-for-Policy Award for outstanding contribution to, stimulation of, support for or communication of the findings of international scientific research and scholarship relevant to international policy challenges (one award).
  3. Policy-for-Science Award for outstanding contribution to developments in the science system that enable science to contribute more effectively to major debates in the international domain (one award).
  4. Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award for outstanding contribution to defending and promoting the free and responsible practice of science (one award).
  5. Early Career Scientist Award for exceptional contribution to science and international scientific collaboration by early career researchers (six awards: one award to a scientist from each of (i) Africa, (ii) Asia, (iii) Australia and Oceania, (iv) Europe, (v) North America, and (vi) South America and the Caribbean).

As explained by ISC President Daya Reddy,

ISC members, affiliated bodies and partners are eligible to nominate candidates for the Awards. These will be conferred every three years, on the occasion of the ISC General Assembly.The success of the Awards Programme, which will speak to the Council’s vision of Science as a Global Public Good and bring new talent to the international scientific community, will depend on you, our affiliated bodiesand partners, nominating talented individuals, teams and initiatives in the various Award categories.

Awards Selection Committee
The selection committee is appointed by the ISC President for each edition of the awards, with the approval of the ISC Governing Board. Geographic, gender, and age distribution are important considerations for selection of nominees.

Nominations for the ISC Awards Programme 2021 may be submitted until 1 February 2021 via this online form.

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