New TWAS Plus issue is out - Vol. 4, No. 3

The new bimonthly bulletin – TWAS Plus – provides important Academy news and opportunities in a bright, easy-to-use format for a diverse global audience that ranges from TWAS fellows to early career researchers.

TOP STORY: What happens to scientists when a war engulfs their country? They leave home and workplace and flee to save their lives, with a future of uncertainty ahead and the dream of going back home one day. "Science in Exile", a new TWAS documentary directed by Italian filmmaker Nicole Leghissa, portrays the poignant experience of four researchers – two women and two men – from Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Through their stories, we see the scientific and human dimensions of wartime tragedy.

Hurry! Scientists and research groups from S&T-lagging countries have until 11 May to submit projects and apply for a TWAS grant in basic sciences.

TWAS-Comstech grants support high-level projects devised by scientists in member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Deadline: 11 May.

Women researchers in scientifically lagging countries should apply for an OWSD PhD fellowship in IT, engineering and natural sciences. Deadline: 1 June.

Offering prizes to young scientists, TWAS helps scientific academies, councils and ministries to strengthen research in the South. Deadline: 1 June.

Early-career women with STEM PhDs may be eligible for novel support from OWSD and Canada’s International Development Research Centre. Apply by 31 August.

The latest issue and all archived bulletins are available here.