News in May 2002

-Erling Norrby, Foreign Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, represented IAP at WSSD's PreComm IV Meeting in Bali, Indonesia, held from 27 May to 7 June. Norrby was joined by Mohamed H.A. Hassan, executive director of TWAS, and Thomas Rosswall, executive director of ICSU. Representatives at the meeting agreed to hold a "science forum" at the Summit, to be led by ICSU, TWAS and IAP. Additional information about the forum, scheduled to take place from 26-29 August, will be sent to IAP members as it becomes available. IAP members have received a two-page "dialogue" paper prepared by ICSU and the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) in cooperation with IAP, TWAS and the International Social Sciences Council (ISSC).
IAP members are being encouraged to contact their science ministries urging them to appoint scientists to their delegations attending WSSD., an electronic portal devoted to science issues in the developing world, produced with the cooperation of TWAS, has launched a section on its site devoted to sustainability science issues.

-Australian Academy of Science held its annual "Science at the Shine Dome" in Canberra from 1-3 May. Newly elected fellows discussed their research at the event. The annual symposium, which forms part of the event, focused on the topic "Transition to Sustainability." More information is available from