Reports on Climate Change and Health in Africa, Asia and the Americas – online launch events

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There are many direct and indirect pathways for the impacts of climate change on health and there will be significant variation within regions to be described

IAP’s global project on Climate Change and Health has achieved yet another important milestone. In February, March, and April, the three regional reports for Asia, Africa and the Americas will be officially launched in a series of online events. The reports provide a snapshot of the impacts of climate change on health in each region and present science-based recommendations for adaptation and mitigation options. The reports have been produced over the course of the last two years by regional expert working groups. During the online launch events, the reports will be presented and discussed with a range of stakeholders, including scientists, policy-makers and representatives of NGOs.

The events will take place at the following times and dates:

Asia & Oceania: 28 Feb, 8-10 AM CET/3-5 PM Malaysian time

Americas: 8 March, 7-9 PM CET/1-3 PM Ontario/11:00-13:00 mountain time

Africa: 14 April, 2-4 PM CEST/3-5 PM EAT, Registration here

The global synthesis report is planned for publication in May. More information on this will be provided in our next newsletter.

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