Vacancies at UN Technology Bank: Academy Development Specialists and Programme Assistant

Policy for Science
The UN Technology Bank is seeking two Academy Development Specialists and a Programme Assistant

The objectives of the United Nations Technology Bank include strengthening the science, technology and innovation capacity of least developed countries; and promoting the development and implementation of national and regional science, technology and innovation strategies.

The Technology Bank and the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) have embarked on a programme focused on establishing and strengthening academies of science in LDCs to serve as STI advisors to the government and industry and to assist in directing science and technology policies leading to STI assisted sustainable development achievements. 

The UN Technology bank is now seeking two home-based Academy Development Specialists and a Programme Assistant in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Candidates can find all the information here:

VA/2020/B5011/19477 - Programme Assistant (LICA-3)

VA/2020/B5011/19476 - Academy Development Consultant(LICA-7)

VA/2020/B5011/19475 - Academy Development Consultant  FRENCH (LICA-7)

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