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Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan

33 Rudaki Avenue,

The regular scientific research work in Tajikistan was started at the end of the 1920th and the beginning of the 1930th . These works were carried out by the sci¬entists and scholars of the Academy of Sciences of USSR in the form of the realization of com¬plex expeditions. The tasks of these ex¬peditions included: to study the history and culture of the Tajik people, to investi¬gate the natural resources of the country, to set up the research centers, and to train the scientific staff of the country. These expeditions, which included geographers, geologists, botanists, zoologists, geodesists, economists, historians, orientalists and other specialists, collected a huge primary material which afterwards served as the basis for systemat¬ic and purposeful scientific research. They had done a impressive work in studying the flora and fauna of Tajikistan, reveal¬ing its hydro-electric potential, and its mineral and fuel resources. Also during those expeditions, scientists designed the prospects of development of new lands and of the industrial development of the country on the basis of its natural resources. The results of research of those expeditions' were heard and discussed by the Commission of the Academy of Sciences of USSR. It adopted the decision of organizing the Tajik Base of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR for conducting constant re¬search work in the territory of the Republic.