Academy / IAP Member

Kosova Academy of Sciences and Arts

Rr. Agim Ramadani p.n.,

The Kosovo Academy of Sciences and Arts was founded by a special Law adopted by the Parliament of the Autonomous Socialist Region of Kosovo in October 1975 under the name The Association of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo. The Association was founded as the highest institution of science and arts in Kosovo. At the beginning, it had 9 (full member), 2 correspondent, 8 external members and 1 honorary member. The Association organized itself and began carrying out scientific and arts activities. One of its aims was to develop cooperation with other institutions in Kosovo, in Yugoslavia and internationally. It had to consider the impact of decision making bodies in Kosovo on science and arts, as well as to publish regular, periodical and other editions in the field of sciences and arts. The Association used to have 3 sections (Language, literature and arts; Sciences and Humanities). Initially it published monographs and periodicals, such as: Acta biologiae et medicinae experimentalis (1976), Vjetari-Godišnjak 1976 (Yearbook), Studime-Studije (1980-1988), Kërkime-IstraaÅivanaja (1980-1986).