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Academia Nacional de Medicina de Venezuela

Avenida Universidad Bolsa a San Francisco,

The National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela is an official, scientific and consulting institution of Venezuela that represents the national medical science. It was created in Caracas as the College of Doctors of Venezuela on May 10, 1902. On April 8, 1904, President Cipriano Castro repealed the law creating the College and transformed it into the National Academy of Medicine. After deliberations to select members, the Academy was first installed on July 11, 1904.

The Academy holds ordinary and extraordinary weekly sessions, in which the work of its members and others that comply with current regulations are presented. It also handles controversial cases, both medical and medical ethics and morals. Its legislative body is the Organic Law of the National Academy of Medicine.

President: Dr. Rafael Muci-Mendoza
Vicepresident:  Dr. Harry Acquatella
Secretary:  Dr. Leopoldo Briceño-Iragorry
Treasurer:  Dr. Miguel González Guerra
Library:  Dr. Guillermo Colmenares Arreaza
"Gaceta Médica de Caracas" 
Director: Dr. José M. Avilán Rovira 
Editor: Dr. Rafael Muci-Mendoza
Editorial Committee
Dr. Blas Bruni Celli 
Dr. Francisco C. Herrera 
Dr. Luis Ceballos García 
Dr. Saúl Krivoy