Asian Regional Seminar on Science Education, October 24 - 25, 2002, New Delhi
INSA has been assigned by IAP to lead the Science Education Programme and under this programme meetings have already been held in Cameroon, Malaysia and Mexico. Taking the advantage of participation of a very large number of fellows of TWAS from developed and developing countries and especially from the Asian region in October, a seminar on Science Education to focus on issues related to science teaching and learning at schools was held from 24 - 25 October 2002. The aims of this meeting were to share experiences in science teaching/learning and methodological and experimental models, curriculum development, testing and evaluation, science talent search and popularization of science. The meeting also gave an opportunity to understand the problems faced in other regions of the world and decide on the core message of science to be imparted to make this region scientifically literate.
Each country has its own models of science education with infrastructural facilities. In addition, many non-governmental organizations are actively contributing to science education and science popularization at school levels. The purpose of this conference is also to provide a forum for countries in the Asian region to address the core issues associated with the science education programmes in their respective countries thereby evolving a general model that could be conducive for promoting science education at school levels of this region.
The two day Seminar in Delhi on "The generation of experimental materials and learning modules of science education" essentially focused on the experience sharing sessions and provide an opportunity for the S&T Communities of the Asian Region to work together to address critical challenges of Science Education in schools and to focus on the role of these communities in understanding and promoting effective science education reform.
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IAP members are welcome to attend this seminar and participate in the discussion. Please contact Prof. Krishnan at INSA by August 16, 2002 so as to enable us to make necessary arrangements. We would also appreciate if you could send a brief write-up (150 words approx.) about the initiatives that you may present in the seminar and also of the activities being carried out by your organisation in the area of science education. Should you require any further information, please contact INSA.
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