Sunday 24 October 1993
1700-1815h Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception

Chair Professor S K Joshi
Indian National Science Academy

Opening Remarks by Professor S K Joshi

Welcome by Sir Michael Atiyah, President of The Royal Society on behalf of the Co-Sponsoring Academies

Welcome by Dr Nafis Sadik, Executive Director, UNFPA on behalf of the 1994 UN Population and Development Conference

Inauguration Address
Shri P R Kumaramanglam
Minister of State for Science & Technology, Government of India

Vote of thanks by Professor Carl Olof Jacobson,
Secretary-General, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Monday 25 October

0745h Session 1 The Complex Reality

Chair Sir Michael Atiyah
The Royal Society, UK

Co-Chair Dr Gustavo Cabrera
National Academy of Sciences, Mexico

Presentation S1/1 0755h
The World Population Debate: Urgency of the Problem
Dr Nathan Keyfitz
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria

Professor Kerstin Lindahl Kiessling
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Presentation S1/2 0835h
Population and Natural Resource Use
Professor H W O Okoth-Ogendo
Centre for African Family Studies, Kenya

Presentation S1/3 0915h
Demographic-Economic Relationships and Development
Dr Jane Menken
Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Presentation S1/4 1015h
Population and Health
Professor V Ramalingaswami
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Presentation S1/5 1055h
Population and Development: Preparing for the 21st Century
Dr Nafis Sadik
United Nations Population Fund

1300h Session 2 Linkages Between Population, Natural Resources and the

Chair Professor S K Joshi
Indian National Science Academy

Co-Chair Professor S Bergstrom
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Presentation S2/1 1300h
Population and the Environment: The Scientific Evidence
Dr Samuel H Preston
Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Presentation S2/2 1340h
Energy Consumption and Population
Ms Srilatha Batliwala
DAWN (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era), India

Presentation S2/3 1440h
The Landscape as Life-Support Provider: Water-Related Limitations
Professor Malin Falkenmark
Swedish Natural Science Research Council

Presentation S2/4 1520h
Dr Norman Myers
Consultant in Environment and Development, UK

Presentation S2/5 1600h
Land Degradation and Improvement
Dr Zhao Qiguo
Instiute of Soil Science, China

Discussion Session 1640h

Session Closes at 1655h

Afternoon tea with the President of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan

Tuesday 26 October 1993

0830h Session 3 The Demographic Transition in a Gender Perspective

Chair Professor Kerstin Lindahl Kiessling
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Co-Chair Dr Masoumeh Fallahian
Family Planning Research Unit,
Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iran

Presentation S3/1 0830h
The Population Problem
Professor Partha Dasgupta
University of Cambridge, UK

Presentation S3/2 0910h
Critical Factors Affecting Population Growth in Developing Countries
Dr K Srinivasan
Population Center, University of North Carolina, USA

Presentation S3/3 0950h
The Role of Women in Relation to the Environment
Professor Dr Lydia Makhubu
University of Swaziland

Presentation S3/4 1100h
Population Dynamics and Family Planning Programme:
Contributions from a Focus on Women
Dr Mayra Buvinic
International Center for Research on Women, USA

Presentation S3/5 1140h
Different Pathways to Demographic Transition
Professor John Cleland
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

discussion session 1220h

1350h Session 4 Family Planning and Reproductive Health

Chair Dr Anne McLaren
The Royal Society, UK

Co-Chair Professor Sun Honglie
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Presentation S4/1 1350h
Family Planning and Reproductive Health: A Global Overview
Dr Mahmoud F Fathalla
The Rockefeller Foundation, Egypt

Presentation S4/2 1425h
Current Status of Contraceptive Research and Development
Dr Kerstin Hagenfeldt
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Karolinska Hospital, Sweden

Presentation S4/3 1450h
Current Status and Future Immunological Approaches to Fertility Control
Dr G P Talwar
National Institute of Immunology, India

Questions 1515h

Presentation S4/4 1610h
Hindrances to Family Planning
Dr Fred Sai
International Planned Parenthood Federation, Ghana

Presentation S4/5 1645h
Scientific Aspects in Family Planning Services
Dr Soledad Diaz
Instituto Chileno de Medicina Reproductiva, Chile

Presentation S4/6 1720h
Contraceptive Strategies for the Future
Professor Roger V Short
Monash University, Australia

Discussion Session 1755h

Session Closes at 1820h

Wednesday 27 October 1993

0830h Session 5 The Future

Chair Dr Bruce M Alberts
National Academy of Sciences, USA

Co-Chair Dr M G K Menon
International Council of Scientific Unions

Presentation S5/1 0830h
The Role of Science and its Limitations: Natural and Social Science Perspectives
Professor Sir Hermann Bondi
Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Presentation S5/2 0910h
Visions of a Sustainable World: Ethical Evaluations or Political Programmes
Professor Michael J Chadwick
Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

Presentation S5/3 1020h
Women's Empowerment and Human Rights: The Challenge to Policy
Professor Gita Sen
Institute of Management, India

Presentation S5/4 1100h
Where Do We Go From Here?
Sir Crispin Tickell
Green College, Oxford, UK

Discussion Session 1140h

Presentation of Summit Statement

1200h Chair Professor P N Tandon
Indian National Science Academy

1300h Final Remarks

1330h International Press Conference

1530h Summit Closes