*Proposals approved in 2008 - with activities implemented in 2009:*

1. Program on Digital Knowledge Resources and Infrastructure in Developing Countries
    Lead Academy: US National Academy of Sciences

2. IANAS Programme on Science Education
    Lead Academy: Colombian Academy of Sciences

3. Promoting Best Practices in Science Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
     Lead Academy: Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS)

4. Bridging Water Research and Management
     Lead Academy: Brazilian Academy of Sciences

IAP’s scientific programmatic agenda for 2008 was adopted at the meeting of the Executive Committee in Canberra in September 2007. Based on a competitive review process, the following proposals were awarded funding: 

  1. Scientific Communication for Young Scientists: IAMP
  2. Promoting Access To and Use of Digital Knowledge Resources and Infrastructures: Focus on Countries With Developing and Transitional Economies: US NAS
  3. Regional Science Education Programme in Asia and Pacific: AASA/FASAS
  4. Regional Programme on Science Education: IANAS
  5. Promoting Best Practices In Science Education In Sub-Saharan Africa: Uganda National Academy of Science and NASAC
  6. Bridging Water Research and Management: Enhancing Global Capacity: Brazilian Academy of Sciences
  7. Biosecurity: Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)


IAP's 2004-2007 scientific agenda ...

The 2004-2007 science agenda addressed the following themes:

Capacity building for young academies

Health education of women

Science education

Water research and management

and a number of initiatives, including:

- genetically modified organisms
- biosecurity
- access to scientific information
- natural disaster mitigation.

Programmes and initiatives are led by individual IAP member academies. Follow the links for more information and status reports.

Other IAP initiatives in the past
IAP members have participated in activities leading to the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development which took place in Johannesburg from 26 August to 4 September 2002. As part of the Science forum running parallel to the Summit, IAP held a symposium on 27 and 30 August on the theme: Science Academies - a Tool for Sustainable Development.
Symposium programme.