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Academia Chilena de Ciencias

Instituto de Chile, Almirante Montt 454, Clasificador



The Chilean Academy of Sciences was created as part of the Institute of Chile together wit other three academies: Medicine, Fine Arts and Social, Political and Moral Sciences by Government Law on October 21, 1964. In addition to these three academies the Institute of Chile also included the Chilean Academy of Language (founded in 1885) and the Chilean Academy of History (founded in 1935). The Institute of Chile is an autonomous corporation whose aim is to promote, at the highest level, the cultivation, progress and the diffusion of letters (literature), sciences and fine arts. In order to pursue its aims the Chilean Academy of Sciences will carry out the following tasks: a) sponsor, support and stimulate pure and applied scientific research; b) diffusion of scientific knowledge through lectures, conferences, symposia and other forums, publication of books, magazines or journals and other means appropriate to this end; c) sponsor national and international scientific meetings and congresses; d) establish prizes and other stimuli for research work and scientific publications; e) to create a library specialized in sciences; f) sponsor visits of Chilean scientists to international Centers of Excellence as well as visits of foreign scientists to Chile and to provide scholarships for these purposes; g) provide scholarships for studies to pursue advanced research degrees; h) carry out studies of scientific developments for its diffusion, particularly for their use regarding specific national issues; i) to promote the best possible level of teaching of exact and natural sciences at all levels; j) to inform to whoever perceived appropriate regarding measures deemed necessary to the achievement of its aims; k) to keep formal ties with national and international institutions with similar aims and objectives; l) to carry out the national representation in international scientific institutions, when requested; and m) any other action aimed to pursue its objectives.