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Academia de Ciencias Físicas, Matemáticas y Naturales de Venezuela

Palacio de las Academias, Avenida Universidad, Apdo. de Correos 1421



The Venezuelan Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences is one of the National Academies in the country. It is a scientific corporation of public nature oriented to the development and advancement of science. The Academy was established in 1917 by the Venezuelan Congress, with by-laws approved by the Ministry of Education, while the internal rules and regulations were directly established by the Assembly of Academy members. Its aims included to induce the development and advancement of the Physical, Mathematical and Natural sciences in the country, to analyze and comment on issues of its competence that the National Government submits for consideration, to study the educational methods for teaching the sciences and their applications, to gather and organize data on the resources of Venezuela, to analyze the application of these resources to research programs, and to establish relations with other academies or similar institutions at national and international levels.