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Academy of Sciences of Ecuador



The Academy of Sciences of Ecuador (Academia de Ciencias del Ecuador (ACE)) was created in February 2013 under the endorsement of the Secretariat for Science, Technology, Innovation, and Higher Education of Ecuador (SENESCYT). ACE is a non-profit organization with social and scientific goals. ACE does not intervene in racial, political, religious or syndical issues.

The main goals of ACE are (1) to promote and spread scientific research for the technological development of Ecuador, and (2) to facilitate the interchange of scientific materials and information between scientific entities and public and private, institutions.

The scope of ACE includes the life, earth, exact, chemical and social sciences. Six different types of membership exist: founding, active, and emeritus (> than 75 years of age), honorary and associate members (this membership is tailored towards young scientists). At present (October 2015) ACE's membership comprises 31 members, 6 of which are Founding Members.

The Academy is a member of IAP - the global network of science academies, and of IANAS, the Inter-American Network of Academies of Science.