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The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts (BASA)

146 B "Slivnitsa" Blvd, 1-st floor



The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts (BASA) is a non-governmental organization and an independent civil scientific and cultural institute. It is a successor to the ideas and work of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts dissolved in 1947. The mission of BASA is to unite the efforts of the scientific and creative potential of the national elite in the service of the Homeland. BASA has established itself as a national scientific creative non-governmental organization in compliance with the requirements and structures of the Academies of Sciences and Arts of the EU member states.

Further the goals of BASA are to:

1) Promote the unification of the Bulgarian national elite in all fields of science, arts and public figures.
(2) Work with all its scientific and cultural potential to protect national idea for the realization of national ideals and protection of national interests.
(3) Work for the realization of the unity of the Bulgarian nation around the world.
(4) Make efforts to protect the Bulgarian language and culture, learning the Bulgarian nature, life, literature, Bulgarian history, the development of the Bulgarian fine arts and music, Bulgarian material culture, Bulgarian law, economy and technology.
(5) Perform research in the sciences and organize art events
(6) In order to achieve its goals the Academy:
- Involve in its activities eminent scholars and cultural activists;
- Organize scientific and cultural teams on a functional basis and assist in their work in developing national and international projects;
- Organize national and international scientific and cultural events to promote spiritual and material creativity of the Bulgarians in the past and today;
- Liaise and cooperate with similar organizations abroad.

Governing bodies of BASA include

  • General Assembly (GA);
  • President of BASA
  • Executive Committee: The President of BASA, the President of GA, the Vice Presidents of Departments of Science, Arts, Civil Society, the Secretary General, the Secretary of "International Relations";
  • Academic Board consisting of 25 members elected by the General Assembly;
  • Supervisory Board consisting of 5 people, elected by the GA;
  • Nomination Committee.
  • Membership – 400 distinguished members including 36 foreign prominent scientists in fields of sciences and arts.