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Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences

Carrera 28 A No. 39A-63, Apartado (P.O. Box) 44763, Barrio La Soledad



Although the history of the Colombian Academy of Sciences could be traced back to Law 39 of 1913 (which refers to the La Salle Society of Natural Sciences, a precursor of the Academy) or to Law 16 of 1929 (which talks about recognizing “the opportunity and convenience of the National Academy of Sciences”), it is only on November 18, 1933, that the Academy is appointed a consultative body of the Colombian Government by Law 34, while on May 28, 1936, Decree 1218 declares “officially established the Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of Colombia”. We will celebrate 80 years of uninterrupted contributions to the advancement of science in Colombia in May of 2016.  The legal basis for the existence of the Academy is covered by decree 1218 of 1936 and by the Statutes. A General Assembly held in September 2012 approved the current Statutes.