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Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences

Praška 2/III



• Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences – CAMS (Academia scientiarum medicarum croatica) – an elite institution of medical sciences and promoter of national science on a worldwide scale.

• CAMS– the third oldest medical academy in the world, member of the IAMP (International Academy Medical Panel) and the FEAM (Federation of European Academies of Medicine).

• CAMS was founded in 1961 within the framework of the Croatian Medical Association as the Committee for Scientific Research of the Association’s General Committee; in 1971 the Committee was renamed into the Academy of Medical Sciences of Croatian; in 1983 it was separated from the Croatian Medical Association and since then has acted as Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences.

• The Academy – supports many scientific projects and performs its activities through 8 scientific collegiums:

 The Collegium of Internal Medicine Sciences
 The Collegium of Surgical Medical Sciences
 The Collegium of Basic Medical Sciences
 The Collegium of Psychiatric Medical Sciences
 The Collegium of Public Health
 The Collegium of Dental Medical Sciences
 The Collegium of Veterinary Medical Sciences
 The Collegium of Pharmaceutical Sciences

• In addition to the Collegium, activities are performed through interdisciplinary committees (Croatian Committee for Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance, E-Health Committee, Committee for Apoptosis, Committee for the Rational Use of Medicines, Committee for the Reduction of Salt Intake, Committee for Tissue Banking etc).

• By the end of 2014 the Academy comprised 395 members (282 full members, 49 associate members, 44 foreign honorary members, 6 Croatian honorary members, 14 corresponding members).

• The supreme governing body is the General Assembly (elects the new president of the Academy, new members, members of the Senate, the General Council, the Supervisory Board and the Court of Honour).

• The Senate is the supreme advisory board – consists of 35 distinguished full members.

• Members of the Academy – physicians and scientists active in medicine and health protection who have made important contributions to medicine (they are elected by the Electoral Assembly according to scientific criteria).

• Annual awards „Ante Šercer“ and „Borislav Nakić“ – since 1993 for the most valuable medical publication in the previous year.

• The honorary title of laureate – given to especially deserving members at a special celebration – Dies Academicus.

Publishing - more than 150 books

 „Ljetopis“ - Academy’s annual report
 „Acta Medica Croatica“ - a periodical in Croatian
 „Acta Medica Croatica“ - a periodical in Croatian
 „Socijalna psihijatrija“ - a periodical in Croatian
 „Croatian Medical Journal“- a periodical in English
 „Rezistencija bakterija na antibiotike u RH- Annual Report of the
 Antibiotic Resistance in Croatia

• CAMS members – participate in the activities of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts’ , of the Class of Medical Sciences and the Class of Natural Sciences, Croatian Medical Association and Croatian Medical Chamber.

• CAMS – organizer and sponsor of many domestic and international scientific conferences and congresses.

• CAMS seat – Zagreb;
Three branches: Rijeka, Split, Osijek