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Latin American Academy of Sciences (ACAL)

(Academia de Ciencias de America Latina), Palacio de las Academias, Edificio Anexo, Piso 2. De Bolsa a San Francisco, Avenu Universidad, Apartado Postal 1010-A
Distrito Capital



The Academia de Ciencias de América Latina, created in 1982 under the sponsorship of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, promotes and contributes to the advancement of mathematical, physical, chemical, earth, and life sciences, and to their application to the development and integration of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Academy: promotes cooperation among scientific institutions and the exchange of persons and scientific knowledge for the integration of Latin American and the Caribbean; studies of sciences policy that contribute to the stable and continuous development of the countries of Latin American and the Caribbean; science at different educational levels and among the entire population.

ACAL's membership comprises 154 members with plans to increase this number to 170. Nations currently represented are: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.