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Romanian Academy

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In 1866, on April 13, by its Decree no. 582, the Provisional Government decided upon the foundation of the Romanian Literary Society in Bucharest, “with the special missions of: a) establishing the orthographic norms of the Romanian language; b) elaborating the Grammar of the Romanian language, and c) beginning and accomplishing the editing of the Romanian Dictionary”. In 1867, after having adopted the Statutes, the Romanian Literary Society became the Romanian Academic Society, supported by the State, and entitled to receive legacies and donations. In the very beginning, 21 members were elected from all the territories inhabited by Romanians: three persons from Moldavia, four from Walachia, three from Transylvania, two from Banat, two from Maramures, two from Bukovina, three from Bessarabia and two from Macedonia. In 1879, by Royal Decree no. 749 signed by King Charles I, the Romanian Academic Society was declared a National Institution under the name of Romanian Academy (Academia Română), its aim being “the cultivation of the national language and history, letters, sciences, and fine arts”.