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Thai Academy of Science and Technology Foundation (TAST)

73/1 NSTDA Building. Rama VI Road



The Thai Academy of Science and Technology (TAST) was established in 1997. It was organized by a group of scientists and technologists whose works have been continuously recognized and whose experiences and interests are vital to the development of the nation as a whole. TAST is a non-governmental agency. This is to ensure that there is no bias in giving recommendations to government, national organizations, and the public as a whole. TAST realizes that matters in science and technology have a profound impact on the nation. Therefore, TAST has made this its duty and priority to pick issues or matters that are currently in the eyes of the public, and perform careful analyses by gathering additional information, doing research, and providing opportunities for discussion and criticism in order to bring conclusion, further the study or formalize plans for the future development of the nation.