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Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS)

Flat A, Lincoln Flats, Makerere University Main Campus, P.O. Box 23911



The Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) was launched on 20th October 2000. UNAS as an eminent body of scientists offering independent merit-based advice for the prosperity of Uganda, brings together a diverse group of scientists from the physical, biological and social/behavioural sciences, working together in an interdisciplinary and trans disciplinary manner.

The academy's mission is to contribute towards improving the prosperity and welfare of the people of Uganda by generating, sharing and utilizing credible knowledge and information to give independent merit-based scientific advice to Government and Society. UNAS has currently over 200 registered members of which 32 are Fellows. UNAS has close ties with the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC), Network of Science Academies in Islamic Countries (NASIC), the US National Academies, IAP and TWAS.