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Zambia Academy of Sciences

c/o National Institute for Scientific & Industrial Research, P.O. Box 310158



The Zambia Academy of Sciences (ZaAS) was formed at the National Science and Technology Council offices in 2005 and officially launched in the same year. An interim governing council was established and a draft constitution was drawn. The Academy was registered as a Society (non-profit organization) in the same year, and admitted to the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) in 2006. Initially, there were no stringent measures applied in recruiting members, leading to some difficulty in the operation of the Academy.

From January 2016, the academy has developed policy documents including stringent procedures of how to nominate and elect members and fellows. There are currently 42 members and fellows covering a wide range of sciences, including agricultural and animal sciences, biological sciences, chemistry, engineering, food science, medical sciences, mineral sciences, and veterinary science. Membership includes scientists from the academia, public and private sectors. The Academy held its first-ever induction ceremony in September 2017 where all the members and fellows were inducted.

Legislation of the academy by an Act of Parliament has commenced, and the academy aims to provide totally independent and objective opinion on science matters, and also to play a role in planning and coordinating the country's science education.

Among its activities, the academy publishes reports on scientific progress in Zambia and encourages the media to report on research in the country.