Session 10: Societal implications of Emerging Health Sciences and Technologies: Need for a New Governance Framework

17:40 – 19:10 AZ/00:40 – 02:10 UTC, Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Advances in science and technology are leading to high-pace innovation with tremendous potential to transform health and medicine. At the same time, these innovations carry risks and potential unintended consequences with important implications for society. Concerns relate to issues such as equity and exacerbation of inequities, unequal access, escalating costs, privacy, disruption to social norms, and ethical challenges. However, these concerns are far reaching and span multiple sectors and are often considered in silos. A cross-sectoral, coordinated framework is needed to guide the development and use of emerging science and technology in health and medicine while mitigating potential undesirable risks.

Watch the video recording of the session here:

Primary session organizer: Victor Dzau, National Academy of Medicine (USA)