Najwan Abu Al-Saad


1999-2004 MBBS University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: 2006 Membership Royal College Surgeons of England: 2008-2009 MSc Tropical Medicine & international Health: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK: Diploma Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, Royal College of Physicians, London UK: 2011 Fellow Royal College Anaesthetists, UK: Diploma Medical Care Catastrophes, Society of Apothecaries, London, UK: 2014 Fellowship of Faculty Intensive Care Medicine, UK: 2014 Diploma Faculty Public Health, London, UK: 2014 BSc Politics & International Relations (2:1), London School of Economics: I’m a practising clinician in Intensive Care Medicine & Anaesthesia, approaching completion of my clinical training in the UK NHS within the East of England. Parallel to my full-time clinical work I have dedicated time to studying and understanding contemporary issues and global health and development. I am committed to improving access, safety and quality of acute care for both individuals and populations. This is entirely consistent with the broader goals of universal health coverage and sustainable development. During my MSc studies, I examined the evidence and risk factors for rising Road Traffic Injuries in Iraq since 2003 as a country exposed to chronic conflict, damaged infrastructure, and socioeconomic turmoil alongside rapid, unplanned increases in motorisation following the 2003 war. I was fortunate to subsequently have the opportunity to present this work within Iraq in 2011.I am currently exploring how to dedicate academic time alongside clinical practice to examine opportunities and barriers to expanding access to safe surgical and emergency care globally and maintaining sustainability of access to critical care in high-income countries in the context of rising costs of healthcare, ageing populations and the increasing burden of chronic conditions.