Adila Pašalić-Kreso

Vice President

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Adila Pašalić-Kreso is pedagogue and corresponding member of ANU BiH.since 2008.

Adila Pašalić-Kreso finished elementary school (1951-1955) and classical high school (1955-1963) in Sarajevo. She completed her studies in pedagogy at the Department of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo in 1967. She defended her master's thesis entitled: Fulfillment of the primary school obligation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the family at the Department of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade in 1977. At the same faculty, she defended her doctoral dissertation entitled : Social and pedagogical problems of reducing inequality in upbringing and education of young people in 1983. In the period 1967-1970. she worked at the Labor University "Đuro Đaković" in Sarajevo as an associate at the Center for Youth Education. At the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, she was elected to positions ranging from assistant to associate professor in the period 1970-1987. At the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, she was elected to the title of associate professor in 1997, and to the title of full professor in 2003. She taught the following subjects: General Pedagogy, Family Pedagogy and Comparative Pedagogy. She was the head of the Department of Pedagogy. As a part-time teacher, she worked at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, the Faculty of Sports, the Faculty of Political Sciences and the Faculty of Pedagogy in Sarajevo.

Subjects of scientific interest are: research in the field of family/family pedagogy, comparative pedagogical research, issues of educational policy, intercultural education and issues of equality of children in education. She has published over 100 professional-scientific articles in domestic and foreign journals and anthologies (Naša škola, Pedagogija, Pedagoška stvarnost, Didaktički putokazi, Current Issues in Comparative Education, International Review of Education, Education Comparéée). She was the editor of the magazines Family and Child and Obredjelenjenje, and a member of the editorial boards of the magazines Our School and Adult Education.

She led the organization of the World Congress of Comparative and International Pedagogues in Sarajevo in 2007. She was the president of the Mediterranean Association of Comparative Pedagogues, and since 2007 she has been the vice-president of the World Council of Comparative Pedagogues (WCCES).