Arnaldo Marín

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile

Arnaldo Marín profile photo

Arnaldo Marín is an assistant professor at the University of Chile and collaborates with the MIT-J Clinic to create artificial intelligence techniques for the early detection of breast cancer using mammograms in public system. Additionally, his group aims to establish a public policy for screening in the future, utilizing the patient's risk profile.

He is a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine (2017) at the University of Chile and has completed the doctoral programme in medical sciences. He is currently doing his fellowship in Medical Oncology, aiming to become the first MD/PhD in Medical Oncology in Chile. 

Marín lives in Santiago and loves doing translational cancer research and collaborative projects, reading and oil painting. He enjoys classical music, especially piano concerts, loves sports, especially American football, and enjoys a good conversation over a coffee.